Incredibly popular and extremely interesting for all the users regardless their age, sex and game preferences, Klondike Solitaire is deeply loved and respected by gamers around the world. This version of solitaire got its wide popularity due to the fact that “Windows”, the most trusted and widespread operational system, included Klondike into its package of free games.

So, if you want to have some nice time playing cards, we welcome you in our Klondike online game. The most fascinating and up-to-date variations, which do not need downloading, are available on www.PlayKlondike.com. If you still are not familiar with specifics of this version, you can study the rules below and easily learn how to play Klondike. Surely, you will be able to complete any layout!


Rules of the Klondike Solitaire

There are numerous modifications of this type of solitaire, but their principles are practically the same.

Layout. A player has at his dispose a 52-card deck; 28 cards are in 7 piles laid from left to right in an ascending quantitive order. All cards in piles are downturned except the upper ones - they are upturned.

Goal. Klondike Solitaire is built up in 4 foundations, places for which are in the upper right of the screen. Building up starts with Aces and ends with Kings of the same suits.

Movements. Cards in piles can be placed on one another in a decreasing order, alternating black and red suits. If one of the 7 cells runs out of cards, you can place there one card or a built up stack of cards from any other cell. When there are no more variants to move the main cards, a player uses a deck of the 24 remaining cards. These cards are gradually upturned into the empty cells and appropriate cards are built up in a stack on the tableau without forgetting about building up the main decks.

Winning. If a player builds up all the four upper foundations, the solitaire is accomplished.

Variations. In order to mix up the game and make it more interesting and dynamic, there are Klondikes with additional specifications, such as time restriction to complete the solitaire, and limit on a number of possible shuffles of an additional deck. There are variations with different number of additional cards upturning (by one or by three) or certain conditions of moving cards into empty cells.

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