Privacy Policy

The site administration realizes how important it is to safe and protect all personal data the users provide us. That is why we do our best to follow irreproachably the Internet generally accepted rules about gathering, processing and keeping all the private information of our visitors.

Information Gathering

When visiting our site webpages, all data about a user is gathered with the help of cookie files, which are kept in a user's computer. These files contain an insignificant amount of information, which does not identify a user at all but helps to better understand where a user is from, what operational system and browser he uses and some other information.

Any site visitor has a right to refuse using these files and switch cookies off in his browser settings - this action will not have a bad influence on the site work.

Data Utilization

Data received in this way can be used by the site's partners, including the Google company to show a user matching ads. At that, our partners follow their own privacy policy.

Abdication of Responsibility

The administration of project has no responsibility for other users and sites actions in the Internet.

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