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Pleasant music, a lovely background, a 52-cards deck – what else could you need to while away an evening with building up Solitaire game? The free online game with the same name will surely not disappoint the lovers of calm and meaningful entertainments.

Those who are familiar with traditional solitaire building up, will have no difficulties with this version too. There are only slight differences, such as restricted time and an ability to use an additional deck in the single layout only, which do not influence the game character.

As for the rest it is quite common. The players need to build up cards, laid on the tableau, in 4 foundations with their ascending order remaining i.e. from Ace to King. Cards in stacks must match by suit.

Building up is performed in the following way: cards are laid on the tableau in 7 piles in an increasing number in such a way that the first pile has only one card while the last – seven. All the cards, except the upper ones, are downturned; the upper cards are moved and placed on each other, so that decreasing stacks are formed, in which red and black suits alternate. Cards of main stacks are built up in the right order in the upper foundations. When variants of movements between the piles are over, a user can open the cards from the additional deck, using them alternatively to make matching stacks.

A convenient prompt will help both the beginners and experienced players. It is situated to the left and informs how many possible movements a player has after each action.

Having accomplished the solitaire in the time allowed, a player gets a certain amount of scores and passes to the next level.
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